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Name:Promised Land OOC
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Community description:A Doctor Who Musebox

Promised Land, a Doctor Who Musebox

The Setting:

The day when they came was the perfect winter's day, a fresh blanket of white snow was lying on the ground, and the sun finally broke through the clouds. There was no warning when they infected us with a fast moving plague to weaken us and to reduce our numbers.

Within two months there would be no resistance for when they finally made landfall. These creatures were the most horrible creatures one could even imagine, as they began their attack on our cities, our infrastructure, and anyone they could get their plungers on. Those that were of some use were made into slave labor or were made into fighters against the resistance.

But, my fears are not about the monsters, but mankind's own actions. If this is truly the end of days, then mankind may have doomed itself. I have seen perfectly normal men turn into monsters, and I hope that humanity can save itself before it is too late.

I hope that humanity can keep itself from being no different from the monsters that seek to grind us into the dirt. Will the good of our hearts prevail, or will human nature be what finally brings us to an end?

The Premise:

DISCLAIMER: Promised Land will be dealing with some situations that will not be suitable for everyone. Due to the adult nature of the game we require players to be at least 18.

We are currently an invite only musebox. We are not taking in applications at this time due to the schedules of the moderators.

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